Interview with Eamon O’Hara, best selling author of A French Renaissance?

Sarah Paddle Swim

By @SimonCocking


Well done on writing and getting the book out. Was it a labour of love or a more tricky proposition along with kids, work, and house refurbishments.

It was a labour of love in that I always wanted to have a go at writing a book but it was also a tricky proposition in lots of ways. I really enjoyed the writing process. I’m happy to be alone with my thoughts and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to get a story into print, but finding the time to write was a major challenge. I was still working full-time, we also had to contend with the maintenance of a large property and property renovations, and we had two young children, so I didn’t have a lot of spare time.

I tried to keep Saturday mornings free for writing but this didn’t always work out either, and then…

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