Living the dream en France

Living the dream en France.

I hope these interviews are not reaching too many of the same people! This one is targeted at a rural audience. I will move on to new pastures soon, I promise!

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5 Responses to Living the dream en France

  1. Hi Eamon, I am curious. You say that you are bored with the rehash (talking about moving to France, living in France, blah, blah) – does this boredom extend to being there? Do you still experience the same wonder and excitement of your early days ?

    • eamonohara says:

      Hi Catherine, thanks for your comment. This was partly a result of my underdeveloped blogging skills, but I was doing quite a few interviews at the time and they all more or less dealt with the same questions so I had the feeling there was a lot of repetition, and I didn’t want to keep posting the same kind of stuff. The honest answer to your quesiton is no, I dont still experience the same wonder and excitement as I did in the beginning, or at least not as frequently. I still love it here and am glad we made the move but it is more familiar now, it’s our new norm. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it means we can enjoy what’s around us without being in awe of it, and we are less concerned when something goes wrong, as it inevitably does. There were lots of nasty surprises in the beginning, which were a worry at the time, but having been through all that we dont fret as much now. So all in all, I’d say we are on more of an even keel now; less highs and lows but generally appreciative.

      • Thanks Eamon for the reply and the honesty – I’m not sure that I was expecting either! Appreciative …hmmm. Without, hopefully, being too philosophical, that is the point at which I would be agitating for yet another challenge, another direction – as I sit uncomfortably on an even keel. But, from Australia and having lived in France with my husband and three children for several years, I understand the dilemma of not being completely free to act spontaneously. Congratulations on the community café. If not wonder and excitement, perhaps it is providing you with some sketches for your next writing project.

  2. Frank Lynch says:

    Just read your book found it fascinating as we have a house in France in the Pyrenees since 2006. Wondering how life has been with you and your family.

    • eamonohara says:

      Hi Frank, life is good. We’ve been here ten years now and have no regrets. In fact over the last six months we have really reaped the benefits of living in a quiet rural area with much of what we need on our doorstep. Are you thinking of moving here permanently?

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